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Our Team

Matthew Huntley


Matthew Huntley has been a licensed plumber for over twenty five years. He began his plumbing and heating career under the auspices of a long-standing firm serving Ottawa and the region. Following graduation from the Algonquin College Plumbing Apprenticeship progam, he successfully obtained his plumbing licence.


In 1994 Matthew established his own company. He continued to upgrade his skills and in 1997 he received a Master Plumber's licence. In 2001 he received letters of incorporation and became President of Huntley Plumbing Inc.


As President of the company, Matthew oversees all aspects of the corporation, dividing his time between the business aspects and the tools. He has a keen interest in technology and supports the growing demand for environmentally responsible heating and plumbing initiatives. He has pursued the required training and is an Uponor-certified radiant heat installer. Matthew supports continued learning and encourages his team to join him in the active pursuit of courses and certificates related to the rapidly evolving plumbing and heating field.

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